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My Development Preferences

Last Updated 8/8/2016


Text Editor: Vim and Atom - I primarily use (Neo)vim for its speed. I’ve used Atom with a Vim plugin before, but Atom is really buggy and slow.

IDE: IntelliJ - pretty awesome, for a good price. I still use Eclipse if I have too. I will concede that VS and other Microsoft things are pretty cool, too, but I’m almost anti-Microsoft.

OS: Mac - high quality hardware, Unix compatibility and command line, and polished interface/tools, which Ubuntu doesn’t offer. I used to love Windows, but now it is almost repugnant (except for games or enterprise, I guess). Unfortunately, I do feel that Macs are overpriced and on the decline, but they’re still the best for now.

Shell: Zsh - awesome autocomplete, secondary prompt. Beat that, Bash. I bash Powershell.

Terminal Emulator: iTerm - lots of features, yet gets out of my way.

Cloud Dev: C9 - sudo access to VM - and edit with others real-time

Other narrow scope things:

JS debugging: ZoneJS - very helpful error messages, especially when using libraries/frameworks.

Other things which you might call necessities

Browser: Safari - Safari is simple, fast, and efficient. I use Chrome for its Dev Tools.

Blogging Platform: Jekyll - I’d never thought you’d ask. If you insist, it is simple and polished, and Wordpress code is disgusting (seriously, have you ever looked at it?). Because Ruby is slow and unfamiliar to me, I’m considering Node static site generators Hexo, Wintersmith, and Metalsmith.

Coffee? - No - I’m not there, yet, but I really hope I never do need coffee.

Game: true && GOTO 1 - (I seem to have a problem pulling myself away from the computer. The closest thing to gaming I can think of is writing READMEs)

See also my dotfiles repository.