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I wonder who has actually visited this website. I’m merely putting up a hackneyed front for nearly no one, except the few people who look me up on Instagram and click the link on my profile. If that’s the case, I’m like Jay Gatz from The Great Gatsby. I ought to look at my work the way Kant stared at a church steeple.

Thank you for visiting my website.

I started programming at 12. Sean Don got me started when I asked him about how websites work. He helped me set up Xampp on Windows, port forwarding, and the whole mess, and patiently answered a lot of dumb questions about computers. He still is the person I go to when I can’t get an answer elsewhere, and he’s critiqued my writing a number of times. He is the closest thing I have to a programming mentor.

I spend a lot of my free time coding or studying math or physics. I enjoy reading when I find the time. I run almost every day in order to stay healthy.

I fret over improving my social and writing skills, which have been weak since I was young. I’ve read more than an unhealthy amount of self-help on the web. Since March, I have been reading bits of David Myer’s Psychology textbook since March. I find psychology incredibly fascinating; I would have studied it more if I hadn’t found it so depressing.

I could be an optimist, cynic, realist, and/or moderate progressive, but my true identity is Christian. Sometimes I think only the most wretched, confused people take refuge in God.

This website exists for selfish reasons. I use it to motivate myself to practice writing and presenting quantative things, but I’ve spent much more time on its design and code than its content. I’ve been honored if you took the time to read my crappy essays and look at my unoriginal code demos. I hope that by continuing to excrete on this website, my skills will become more refined.


I would be honored if you commented on my writing or code or be bothered to start some conversation.

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